Urgent transport solutions for your film shoots or festivals.

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Our urgent transport services are there to meet your specific needs. Film industry and festivals. Ensuring the success of your productions and events. Even in unexpected circumstances.

Urgent transport 7/7 – 24H/24

Historic vehicles. Filming equipment. Audio equipment. Costumes. Sets. Computer equipment. Special effects. Security equipment. Food and drink. Promotional material. Film copies

You are a production company, logistics manager, organiser…

In the film industry and at festivals. Emergency transport plays a vital role in ensuring the success of productions and events. When critical situations arise. Such as the rapid replacement of faulty equipment. The urgent transport of costumes, historic vehicles, set elements and equipment.

You can count on our responsiveness.

Responsiveness is essential!

The Hermes Logistics team works closely with the people in charge. Production, stage management, organisers, we respond quickly to requests. We guarantee speed. But safety remains an absolute priority. Appropriate protective measures and procedures are put in place. To preserve the integrity of the objects being transported. The availability of resources, whether specialised vehicles or transport, is crucial. it means ensuring an effective response in an emergency. In short, emergency transport in the film industry and at festivals is an essential component. Ensuring that productions and events run smoothly. Even in unforeseen circumstances.

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We respond to last-minute emergencies and more !

A bit like a plan B.

An oversight, an unforeseen problem or other contingencies to overcome,

we transport it from point A to point B.

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Urgent transport for cinema and festival
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If you’ve got to have something in your toolbox,

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We can also provide express delivery of materials and equipment.

We complement your usual service provider.

Unexpected circumstances in Cinema and Festivals

Transport plays a crucial role in the film industry and at festivals, where efficient logistics are essential to ensure that productions, shoots and events run smoothly. Whether it’s moving filming equipment, sets, costumes or crew, professional transport management is essential to the success of every film project.

We provide specialised, reliable transport

for your filming equipment, sets and costumes. Thanks to our expertise, your precious items will arrive safely and on time. Our dedicated team reacts quickly and coordinates every step of the way to provide you with a tailor-made transport service. We’ll take care of the rest, so you can concentrate on your creativity. Rely on our experience in the film industry and benefit from quality transport for your cinematic success.

Film Festival Solutions

These are major events that attract directors, actors and film fans from all over the world. Transporting films selected for these festivals is a crucial responsibility. Copies of the films must be transported safely to the various screening venues, whether in digital format or on film. Special conditions are often required for transporting film prints, particularly in terms of temperature, humidity and security.

We have temperature-controlled vehicles.

Music Festival Solutions

Fast, efficient logistics are essential to the success of any event. Whether it’s transporting stage equipment, musical instruments or last-minute technical equipment, the ability to respond quickly to urgent requests is paramount.

When an emergency occurs, every minute counts.

Music festivals are often subject to strict time constraints. A rapid response is crucial to avoid any delays or interruptions to the show. The Hermes Logistics team works closely with the organisers to coordinate operations and ensure that the necessary equipment is transported to the festival site quickly and safely.

Special measures are put in place

To protect delicate musical instruments, sensitive electronic equipment and expensive stage components. Appropriate packaging, safety devices and careful handling are used to minimise the risk of damage during emergency transport.

The availability of resources is also essential. Specialist transport services must be able to respond quickly to emergencies, with access to a fleet of suitable vehicles and a reliable logistics network. Coordination with other service providers, such as airlines or special carriers, may also be necessary to meet emergency transport requirements.

In a nutshell

Emergency transport for festivals and the film industry is crucial to ensuring that shows and shoots run smoothly. Speed, safety and availability of resources are key factors in ensuring an effective response to emergency situations. Our team is ready and well versed in meeting these challenges, while ensuring that every instrument, piece of equipment and element arrives on location on time, contributing to your success.

Your success is our success!



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Packing is your responsibility. We do the loading and transport only. Naturally, we take great care during loading and unloading. Our drivers frequently check the stability of the load during transit. There’s no room for unpleasant surprises. We constantly monitor the mission until it reaches its destination. Now that you know everything, you can contact us.