Transport for industry

Air – Rail – Sea – Road

We respect and ensure deadlines and product safety. Whether you need to move raw materials, finished products or production parts. Our industrial transport solutions require specific vehicles and adapted equipment, which we can offer you. At Hermes Logistics, we understand the challenges of industrial transport and offer reliable and efficient solutions.

Entrust us with your industrial transport needs and benefit from optimised logistics management.





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We can help with last-minute or unforeseen transport requirements. Our team is available to find solutions for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

transport of parts for the nuclear industry Hermes Logistics
Large industrial tanker transport
Transport for large companies in semi-trailers
Transport of large industrial objects
Exceptional construction transport

Exceptional transport

“Exceptional transport for your unusual loads! “

With Hermes Logistics, we can carry out exceptional convoys. Safe and efficient movement of these non-standard loads. Appropriate safety measures.

Manufacturing industry

Optimise your supply chain in the manufacturing industry with our tailor-made transport services. In the manufacturing industry, efficient logistics are essential to maintain smooth and optimised operations. At Hermes Logistics, we understand the challenges you face and we offer tailor-made transport solutions to meet your specific needs.

Food industry

Tailor-made transport solutions for the food industry: preserving quality, meeting deadlines. Are you in the food industry and looking for a reliable logistics partner to transport your products? Look no further! At Hermes Logistics, we offer you tailor-made transport solutions, specially designed to meet the requirements of the food industry.

Pharmaceutical industry

Transport your pharmaceutical products safely with our specialist logistics expertise. In the pharmaceutical industry, product safety and integrity are paramount. At Hermes Logistics, we understand the specific challenges of your sector and can provide you with specialised transport solutions.

Construction industry

Logistics tailored to the challenges of the construction industry: flexibility, safety and efficiency. In the construction industry, punctual deliveries and the preservation of materials are essential. At Hermes Logistics, we understand the imperatives of your sector and offer transport solutions tailored to your needs. To meet your tightest deadlines. Whether you’re transporting construction materials, equipment or tools, we do everything we can to ensure the safety and integrity of your goods. Rely on our expertise in transport for the construction industry.

Technology industry

Tailor-made logistics solutions for the technology industry: flexibility and on-time delivery. In the technology industry, transporting your products requires special attention. We understand the importance of delivering your technology equipment and products safely and on time. With Hermes Logistics, your products are in safe hands. Rely on our expertise in transport for the technology industry and benefit from a fast, reliable and secure service.


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Packing is your responsibility. We do the loading and transport only. Naturally, we take great care during loading and unloading. Our drivers frequently check the stability of the load during transit. There’s no room for unpleasant surprises. We constantly monitor the mission until it reaches its destination. Now that you know everything, you can contact us.