Urgent transport and logistics for professional and enthusiast sports racing.


Circuit, rally, drift, historic vehicle, Gran Turismo, mountain, off-road. Everything by express.


Whatever your playing field or championship, we’ll ship where you are. As you can see, we’re in the business of logistics and urgent transport. We advise you to add us to your contacts. We’ll be your plan B. Even in the middle of the desert, with your GPS coordinates, you’ll be delivered. We use all the means necessary for delivery. There is no limit to the means used. There are no limits as long as you can afford it. Let’s not talk about money between us, it’s a detail. This is an urgent matter and the most important thing is to compete and respond in the shortest possible time.



With Express Hermes, we take care of your emergency transport needs!




We can transport your equipment or materials wherever you are. Whether it’s a last-minute request or a logistical requirement in advance of your competition, we can do what’s needed. Are you a competition organiser, a stable or a sponsor in a hurry for a special delivery? We don’t deliver sushi! But we’ll take care of all your other needs…

Express transport of equipment to the Circuit
Express logistics for historic car races
Logistics transport shipping urgent competition desert Beatrice Fauriez
Express transport of tyres for racing cars
Express transport for competition logistics for circuits and races

A broken part ? Safety equipment ? Machine movements ? Tyres ? Advertising material ? Stands ?

From your unexpected needs, we can expressly transport your requirements by land, sea and air to the ends of the earth… We are also involved in the logistical organisation of transport for competitions. We are present at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the competition’s logistics teams. We are also called upon for emergencies at other competitions. Whatever the nature of the competition and wherever it takes place, you can count on us. Our experienced team will find the solution to your emergency. Add expresshermes.com and the telephone number to your contacts, it’s always good to have us on hand.



  • Departure address with contact.
  • Arrival address with contact.
  • The nature of the goods.
  • Weight.
  • Dimensions.



You are responsible for packaging and protection. We do the loading and transport only. Naturally, we take great care during loading and unloading. Our drivers frequently check the stability of the load during transit. There’s no room for unpleasant surprises. We constantly monitor the mission until it reaches its destination. Now that you know everything, you can contact us.